TMS School Management System

Providing a podium for academic peers to convene, exchange knowledge & manage information

tmsSMS™ is a web-based school management system that helps simplify daily operational tasks involved in managing learning institutions. A powerful internal framework combined with a carefully designed interface that is easy to use allows for an efficient management and exchange of extensive data across an interactive platform that connects various members of the academic community. This translates to stronger bonds among administrators, students and parents, and contributes towards the realization of the school’s mission.


  • Cutback on time spent doing administrative tasks
  • More time spent developing and managing key relationships
  • Increased efficiency and improved data uniformity
  • Clarity and accuracy of mission critical information
  • Streamlined organizational and administrative processes
  • Self-service programs, timetables, student grading and attendance
  • Self-service programs, timetables, student grading and attendance

Key Features

sms key features
  • National Education Dashboard
  • School Governance Management
  • IT Support Management
  • Security Management
  • School Level Implementation
  • Hostel Management
  • Administration Management
  • Class Management
  • Marks Management
  • Registration Management
  • Facility & Asset Management
  • Access Control & Security Management
  • ECA Club Management
  • Financial & HR Management
  • Disciplinary Management
  • Learning Management